**The CVBGA asks that anyone with further information on any of these issues contact them at the post office box below. When reading the letter there are references to supporting documents. They can be found by clicking here. There are 318 pages. To find the referenced one look for the number in parenthesis at the top of the page. A video of Sonny Chandler reading this letter to the city council can be viewed by clicking here.**


Chula Vista Better Government Association

ID# 3051564

PO Box 5574 Chula Vista, CA 91912


US Attorney Karen P. Hewitt

U.S. Attorney’s Office

Federal Office Building

880 Front Street, Room 6293

San Diego, CA 92101


U.S. Attorney Karen P. Hewitt:


We ask that the U.S. Attorney’s office conduct an investigation to determine if there are

conflicts of interests, abuses of power and prosecutorial misconduct involving John

Moot, Chula Vista Mayor Cheryl Cox and the local District Attorney’s office. For the

reasons listed below, we are not confident that the District Attorney’s office or the City’s

Board of Ethics can perform a fair and impartial investigation into these matters.

We further request that you investigate a potential conspiracy involving former Chula

Vista City Councilmember John Moot, the office of District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis,

local land developer Jim Pieri and Chula Vista Mayor Cheryl Cox to deprive Chula Vista

voters of good government by abusing their positions and power to improperly influence

and intimidate elected officials and community groups on behalf of the proposed

condominium high rise.


#1. We request that you investigate former Councilmember and attorney John

Moot’s apparent violation of both City and State laws regarding his employment by

local land developer Jim Pieri.

By working for Jim Pieri and submitting a contract to the City on behalf of the

developer within one year of serving on the Chula Vista City Council, did John

Moot violate section 2.28 of the Chula Vista Municipal Code?

Also, if John Moot’s prior work on the City Council got him the job for Jim Pieri,

did he violate the Fair Political Practices Act prohibition on conflicts of interest,

Government Code Section 87407, which applies to prospective employment?


Please consider the following events and information when performing your


The following events are noted in chronological order. (Please note that all numbers in

parentheses refer to supporting materials found in the appendix.)

1.1 On April 23, 1991, the Chula Vista City Council passes an ordinance amending

section 2.28.050 of chapter 2.28 relating to the Board of Ethics. (6a.)

2.28.050 Section 2 e. reads: